About us

Marco La Rosa

Marco La Rosa studied UX designer and now works as a web content writer, editor, copywriter, and SEO expert. A neurosciences enthusiast, he founded Neurowebcopywriting with the goal to help the reader to find quality resources on the topics of the application of neurosciences to design, advertisement, copywriting and communication.

He is the author of the book: Neurocopywriting, come rendere la comunicazione e i contenuti piĆ¹ efficaci col neuromarketing, published by Hoepli

Portrait of Andrea Ciceri
Andrea Ciceri

After obtaining a PhD in neuromarketing and consumer psychology, Andrea Ciceri founded SenseCatch.

In SenseCatch he combines the classical research methodologies like interviews or focus-group with neuroscientific ones, with a particular interest in the Eye Tracking methodology that allows direct access to visual data and considers it fundamental to explain consumer behavior.

His goal is to make available more detailed, accurate and objective information with which to analyze the market and gain strategic insights. He collaborates with research centers and universities also in international projects.

Laura Songa

Portrait of Giulia Songa
Giulia Songa

Giulia Songa graduated in Psychology of Economic Behaviour at Bicocca University in Milan and earned a Ph.D. in Consumer Behaviour and Neuromarketing. Visiting Researcher at the department of marketing of Ghent University, she worked as a researcher in Milan.

Founder and CEO of SenseCatch, a company specialized in the application of neurosciences and behavioral psychology to marketing and human empowerment, she does researches and counseling about the application of neurosciences and consumer psychology to the study of every customer’s touchpoint with the client and any form of communication of a brand (packaging, website, advertising, environment, interaction), in order to optimize the product and the service and assure the best emotional engagement of consumers.